• 2019 оны 1 сарын 2
    Ten years have passed since the freezing day in November 2008 when Boloroo– as our founder-editor Bolormaa Luntan was affectionately called -- carried copies of the first issue of The Mongolian Mining Journal to distribute them at various sales points.
  • 2019 оны 1 сарын 2
    This is our magazine’s 100th issue, and we thank all our readers, advertisers and well-wishers for being with us over these 100 months on the development path.
  • 2019 оны 1 сарын 2
    Boloroo, you are no longer in our living world, but we at the MMJ still think of you as our editor, and believe that you are still writing your incisive articles in your special style. You have gone to another world and will not return, but your presence at the office is still vivid and active.
  • 2019 оны 1 сарын 2
    The Spring days have been busy for us at the Mongolian Mining Journal, but there is a feeling of satisfaction that this working under pressure with new ideas and plans has led to some positive achievements. We would like to share with you information on some projects we have taken up or already completed. Our MMJ team is small but we think big.
  • 2015 оны 11 сарын 24
    The untimely death of Luntangiin Bolormaa, founder editor of the Mongolian Mining Journal, on 21 November, is an invaluable loss for Mongolian journalism.
  • 2015 оны 10 сарын 1
    An important feature of the latest event in the Local News Network project run by the Mongolian Mining Journal – a training programme for print, broadcasting and electronic media journalists in the Western Region, held in the Uguuj Bulgan tourist camp near Bayankhongor city in Bayankhongor aimag on June 25-26 – was the chance it gave to participants to air their views of and grievances over working conditions, both at personal and professional levels.
  • 2015 оны 5 сарын 28
    Journalism for Development, an NGO, was formed under the aegis of the Mongolian Mining Journal to focus on training young journalists to write quality reports and produce quality TV programmes on subjects related to the economy in general and to mining in particular.
  • 2014 оны 10 сарын 3
    This submission was produced by “Globe International Center”1, a member of the HRNGO Forum. The topics of the draft submission were discussed at a civil society meeting held on August 2, 2014.